Fulgent Genetics has acquired Fulgent Pharma
This exciting consolidation allows Fulgent to forge a path toward fully integrated precision medicine offerings with an oncology focus.
Current Drug Development &
Drug Delivery Programs
Platform Target Indication Discovery Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
FID - 007
(Small Molecule)
Cytotoxic Lung, Pancreatic, Head & Neck, Breast Cancer
FID - 007G
(Small Molecule Combo)
Cytotoxic Pancreatic Cancer
FID - 007C
(Small Molecule Combo)
Cytotoxic Lung Cancer
Targeted Therapies
Targeted Therapy Leukemia and Other Cancer moffitt logo - fulgent pharma
FID - 010
(Small Molecule)
Immuno - oncology Cancer usc logo - fulgent pharma